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Tomem Run Hook Run

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Tomem Premium Watch

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Need a logo with a Digital Twist

come see our work @ Tomem_ltd Instagram For just $20 we can give your presentation the edge it needs to stand out from the crowd by creating stunning professional animations.


Motivational Speaker

Need a Key Note Speaker for your Continuous Improvement / Leadership / Transformation Programs ?

With Over 20 years’ experience in Supply Chain Daniel Share a unique down to earth style provoking the need for change and growth

In his presentations Daniel shares easy to implement, proven strategies that have a profound effect on his audience and encourage them to awaken their inner spark.

Relevant facts and gems of wisdom with amusing anecdotes to ensure every member of the audience will take at least one important concept home with them.

Design your work habits and life to "love what you do" and "do what you love by making change".

Strategies based on Continuous Improvement and Transformation Strategies.

Fee Range $500-$1500

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